Pork-free Sui Kow dumplings

Pork-free Sui Kow dumplings

It is quite common of late, for various reasons, that people choose to go pork-free. Having been accustomed to doing pork dishes with pork, it ain’t everyday that you would want to take the risk to do it pork-free (especially when your cooking is about ahem). Anyway, my fish monger told me that I could make equally good Sui Kow using fish paste as a substitute (even though it is so obvious why she would say so haha) I decided to give it a try. Result – it is not too bad. I substituted the minced pork and kneaded prawn paste entirely with fish paste. Will try to do it another round next time with a combination of kneaded prawn and fish paste to see if it would give me more chewy effect.


Simple cooking, delicious food

Simple cooking, delicious food

Cooking can sometimes be a chore and for some of us who ain’t good cooks we tend to shy aware from cooking that requires hours of preparation. Why? Well, if it doesn’t turn out nice all will be gone to waste.

Shannon’s recipes are simple to prepare but despite that it’s just so delicious that you must give it a try. I think more important than that is her recipes are really healthy so it’s superb for those who love food but are worried about health and calories lol.

Tasty Char Siew

Tasty Char Siew

It’s rather difficult nowadays to get tasty Char Siew as a dinner dish without paying through your nose buying from your favourite wantan mee or chicken rice stall. It’s more so if you are picky about the combination of fat and lean meat that you want on your Char Siew so the only solution is to DIY.

I took on this mission for Chinese New Year. Being not a good cook, internet is always my saviour. Bumped into this website and had great success. Not only was it easy enough for me to follow, it tasted yummy too!

Last weekend I tried this recipe again and it’s even more delicious. Guess practice does help if you pay attention and don’t repeat the mistakes that you did the last time round 😀

I love this recipe and hope you do too!