Why This Blog?

6 years ago was a great big struggle for me as it was the first time ever that I started doing cooking. By this I really mean cooking as all that I could do in the kitchen prior to this was: boil water, cook maggie mee, heat up food and that’s more or less about it. Spoilt brat huh?

Anyway, when I need to cook for the family I invested in piles of recipes but having never cooked before I didn’t even know what some of the ingredients were haha (ya, now you know how bad at cooking I really was). The other issue I had was that they never always contained the recipes of all the stuff that I wanted to cook. So, the last resort I had, which turned out to be the best is to depend on google :D:D:D

Yup, I just about googled for everything that I wanted to cook and thereon started my cooking journey. I really appreciate the time and effort that many have taken to put their stuff online. As I tried many recipes, there are some where the recipes are really good – as in not much of adjustment is needed to suit my families varied palate.

Knowing Shannon and looking at her blog (www.justasdelish.com), it inspired me to start a little blog of my own where I can hopefully point some of you to my favorite sites for good food. That’s actually the challenge when you use the internet engine. 1 keyword search can give you pages and pages of listing and variation in recipes. While it’s great, it ain’t going to put your blood pressure down if you are scrambling for a last minute solution. By compiling a website listing, it not only allows me to slim down my recipe book (and save trees along the way) but also put all stuff into 1 place neatly. I’m not much of a blogger nor good at designs so don’t expect fancy layouts or nice pics from me ya.

Having taken a lot off the internet for 6 years now, I think it’s about time I do some contribution so Happy Favfoodsite viewing!!!


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